To make the world a better place, we need clear communication. Clear communication is visual communication. 


To make the world a better place, we need everyone to understand how visual communication works and how they can use it in the best possible way. 


To make the world a better place, we need all trainers and educators to be beacons of clear visual communication so their students and trainees can be beacons as well. 


Rosário Durão

Rosário Durão, PhD

Owner and principal

Rosário brings 30+ years of expertise studying, guiding learning, and presenting on visual communication to help people communicate more effectively.

She has advised industry professionals, faculty and staff on topics ranging from graphic design to design thinking. She has spoken in Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the US on active learning, data visualization, and international professional communication.

She started and has coedited open-access publications on translation and on international professional communication & design. She has also done pro-bono workshops at universities, conferences, and professional gatherings.

Consulting is a great opportunity for her to help instructors from industry and education to be more effective agents of change.

Rosário is a member of

Associação Portuguesa para a Comunicação Técnica (APCOMTEC)

Center for Plain Language

Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)

The Professional Association for Design (AIGA)


Training.  Visual communication strategy.  Content strategy.  Information design.  Education.  Industry.